will drawwon't draw
humans, furries/sonic characters, ship art, gore, anything i feel ok doingnsfw, hate art, fetish art, mecha, proship/problematic content, anything im uncomfortable with

im better at drawing feminine characters but ill try my best to draw men if you think my style would suit em.
currently i only offer simple cel shaded work, as i am not yet confident in my rendering or background skills ^^

- cel shading (prices + examples)

terms of service

- payment is upfront but you have to send the reference first before i approve it
- i will send a draft sketch of the piece beforehand for approval and then send more progress shots if needed (feel free to ask for them anytime)
- my work is for personal use only. you are not allowed to profit off your commission without consent
- i dont really post commission work so you can feel free to do so if you'd like
- you are not allowed to mint my work as an NFT (Non-fungible token) nor will i accept any sort of cryptocurrency as payment
- if i have taken over 2 weeks to finish your commission, kindly message me about it, and ill work with you from there
- commissions usually take from a few days to 2 weeks. it depends on my motivation and free time available. if i take any longer ill refund if something comes up (depending on the progress status)
- i reserve the right to decline a commission im not comfortable working on
- refunds are no longer possible if ive gotten past the lineart stage (unless im unable to continue working on your commission)

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headshot: $30

halfbody: $45

fullbody: $60

- if you want me to add doodles to your piece, let me know. $5 per doodle. 3 doodles max

- extra characters are +20$ for halfbodies and +30$ for fullbodies

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